Ready to Play?  Follow the steps below:

Click here to register or renew your players card.

These cards are required for all league players. If you are known to have been playing without a card you will be suspended from all future play with our league. This card is required by our insurance and field usage and it is not worth it for us to lose this opportunity for those that cannot follow the rules.

Player cards serve more than just as insurance for our league. WSASA player cards serve as a secondary insurance for our players! They cost $35 per year and act as a secondary insurance if you were to sustain any injury while playing soccer with CBSA or in any affiliated WSASA tournament. Any cost for you personally that is over $400 is covered up to $5,000 by your WSASA players card.

If injured, you must contact CBSA President, Onie King and WSASA office to file proper paperwork.  The claim must be filed within 90 days of injury.

Open the file and fill out your team roster.  Make sure to bring it to each game and provide it to the referee for record keeping.

3. Pay Your Team Registration

Choose the correct league below, and follow the link to the PayPal page.  Enter your team name on the payment page.

4. Pay Your Team Deposit

Each session requires a $50 deposit per team.  This deposit is fully refundable each session with the exception of:

1) Late team payment: -$5 per week late (payment due 3rd week of play).
2) No-show to a game: -$5 per game (requires 24 hour notice).
3) Red card: -$10 if a player receives a red card (can appeal- must email President)
4) Ref No-show: +$10 (7 aside) $20 (11 aside) to each team (if there are no debits on team’s deposit, will be applicable on next session’s fees or refunded to team captain).  Must email VP and Treasure to let them know ref was not present, no later than one week after game.
5) Dirty field: -$5 per team if fields are left with litter.
6) Must contact Treasurer for deposit return.
7) After one year of inactive play the cost is absorbed.
8) Deposit will only be released to team captain or can be rolled over to another team by captain that originally made deposit.