About Our League

Columbia Basin Soccer Association has a long history of serving adults in our community! From the 90’s when coaches lead the teams and there was only a women’s and a men’s league. To early 2000’s when a coed league was deemed necessary to accommodate women’s interest in playing more competitively! Each decade offering an evolving future for adult league play in the Tri-City area.   Currently serving over 300 members ages 15 and up, with more than 15 games per week, we are one of the biggest and fastest growing soccer leagues in the state!

League Bi-Laws

Mission: To maintain a safe and enjoyable arena for adults to play soccer in the Tri-Cities area and to promote good sportsmanship.
Vision: To continue growing and providing a quality environment for adults and soccer in the Columbia Basin Region.



  1. All board members shall abide by all FIFA, CBSA, WSSA, and USASA rules and regulations.
  2. All board members shall provide a positive image of the Association and the game of soccer at all Association events/games.
  3. All board members shall be examples of good sportsmanship at all Association events/games.
  4. Any board member not following the first three laws shall be removed from office and replaced temporarily by a board vote until a proper vote can be held to fill the position.
  5. The President shall only vote in the case of a tie.
  6. Any VP may be removed by a 2/3 vote from their respective League.
  7. President and Treasurer positions shall be held for a minimum of 4 years unless failing to comply with their roles and responsibilities and/or fall under rule 4.
  8. Vice President positions shall be held for a minimum of 3 years unless failing to comply with their roles and responsibilities and/or fall under rule 4.
  9. All purchases more than $400 must be voted on by the board.
  10. League level meetings shall be called for red/yellow card accumulation concerns, switching playing venues, and team/player suspensions as needed.
  11. Each year, prior to the start of the spring season, an all-league meeting will be held to discuss yearly activity, treasurer updates, league updates etc.  It is strongly recommended that all teams send a representative if they plan on playing with CBSA anytime that year.  If a substantial amount of attendance from each league is not present, another league meeting will be held or season delayed if deemed necessary by board.
  12. Bi-Laws and rules of competition will be put in place by the board in the best interest of the league. All new Bi-Laws and rules of competition will be discussed at the yearly all-league meeting. If there are concerns about new items that arise at the all-league meeting the board will discuss and vote accordingly with any new information.
  13. All league and Association votes require a 30% attendance and a simple majority to pass unless previously mentioned.
  14. A fine may be assessed to a player and/or team for damages to property equaling cost to repair such damages.
  15. A team/player may be suspended from play in the Association for failure to:
    1. Pay appropriate fees
    2. Accumulation of cards/concerns against them
    3. Accumulation of cancellations or forfeitures for lack of show or player cards
    4. Other reasons if not covered and deemed necessary
  16. Board members shall have seasonal fees covered by the Association to off set personal time and expenses in conducting their duties. Not to exceed $25 per board member per league.