Ceci Arcia & Chris Ross – Vice President

Ceci and Chris are currently CBSA VP’s for our women’s league.  Ceci has been playing with CBSA for 18 years and Chris for 12. Both are excited to help grow the league and want everyone to have an enjoyable soccer experience!   When not involved with soccer, Ceci and Chris stay very busy working, enjoying time with their families (Ceci, mother of 2, grandmother of 3; Chris mother of 3), and engaging in outdoor activities.

Vice President Responsibilities

Facilitate the running of the individual leagues within the Columbia Basin Soccer Association according to the policies and by-laws of CBSA and WSSA.

  • Maintain up to date contact list of league teams (captains and backup: email, phone, address)
  • Provide list of teams and contacts to Treasurer and President annually or as needed
  • Inform treasurer of any field fees (use, paint, etc.)
  • Inform treasurer of basic schedule (number of games & teams) at least 2 weeks prior to 1st game to figure seasonal team fees
  • Send schedules out to team captains and referee contact at least 1 week prior to first game.
  • Inform captains of team fees and required due date for fees to be in to treasurer
  • Secure facilities for each season (take care of insurance forms)
  • Verify schedule with any field maintenance personnel (painter, access, etc.) prior to each season
  • Verify team captains maintain a list of players with ID #’s and expiration dates
  • Address any league or referee issues with captains in a timely manner (include President in all communications)
  • Participate in at least 1 annual league meeting with captains to review financials and any concerns